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The Local Community

The Local Community

Aside from the creation of local jobs and increased investment into Lancashire shale gas exploration, the local community benefits in other ways.

The shale gas industry, through its representative body UK Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG), has agreed that operators will pay £100,000 to the community near each shale exploration site, where full planning and regulatory permissions to drill an exploration well have been granted. Cuadrilla has extended this offer and is committed to pay £100,000 to the local community for each well.

Initially we have started drilling two wells at our Preston New Road site in Lancashire, but we have permission to drill up to four. This means that Cuadrilla would pay £400,000 to the local community if all four wells are drilled.

In August 2017 Cuadrilla paid £100,000 for the first well to an independent Community Benefit Fund, managed by the Community Foundation for Lancashire, which will distribute money to community projects local to the Preston New Road shale gas exploration site.

A panel from the local community has been appointed and the first decisions about how these funds are spent will take place later this year.

Following a consultation with the local community on how the £100,000 for the second well should be spent, it was decided that the money should be split proportionately between all households located within one and a half kilometres of the site.

Those households located within 1 kilometre of the centre of the Preston New Road site were each entitled to approximately £2,000 and those located between 1 and 1.5 kilometres entitled to around £150 each.

In total, 85% of those local residents entitled to a share of the £100,000 for the second exploration well applied for and received payments. Cuadrilla has made the money from unclaimed payments, which amounted to some £13,000, available for local projects via the Community Benefit Fund, administered by the Community Foundation for Lancashire.

Giving Back

It is important to everyone at Cuadrilla that we are a responsible neighbour in the communities in which we operate. This includes providing financial support for certain community projects and we are proud that since we moved to Lancashire in January 2016, over £280,000 has gone to local causes. To find out more about some of the initiatives we are supporting, click here.

Did you know?

Cuadrilla has spent £266,000 on local community sponsorships in Lancashire

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